Monday, January 29, 2007

Farang gripes and makes sense

I had a strange dream

Dear Sirs,

I had a strange dream last night. I dreamt that US Ambassador Boyce held a news conference to announce:

A. Thai citizens no longer will be allowed to purchase property in the US.
B. Thai travelers to the US will be allowed to remain in the US for only 90 days, and will be prohibited from return visits for 90 days.
C. Thai investment in the US stock market will be subject to a 30 percent “Reserve” penalty.
D. Thai visitors will be charged up to 400 percent of the normal fee for entry into national parks, privately owned parks, restaurants, etc.
E. Thai citizens seeking medical care in the US must pay cash up front or large amounts of gold jewelry in escrow.
F. All traffic regulations will be suspended during the holiday season. Stop lights will only be meant as a suggestion.
G. All official documents regarding these new acts will be published only in Greek.
H. Thais who are unhappy with the foregoing new policies are encouraged to go to Cambodia.

I thought it a bizarre dream. Then I realized that the US Embassy doesn’t give a hoot about the concept of reciprocity in international relations.

Sadly, the Thais also seem reluctant to face reality, determined to press on unfettered by facts or informed opinion. I recall a comment allegedly made by a senior Thai leader, “Take from the West everything and give back nothing”. The average Thai seems immersed in this philosophy. A fish doesn’t know when it’s wet.

Arthur Lee Gordon
Retired FSO

One has to wonder if this farang is on to something

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