Thursday, January 25, 2007

Sanitsuda Ekachai Jumps the Shark at Bangkok Post

Bizarre twist in gender equality

In her opinion piece, Sanitsuda Ekachai rages about gender inequality in Thailand, relating to uneven laws governing male-female relations.

The Justice Ministry, according to a draft amendment to a law regarding rape, is proposing that sex crimes be only prosecutable outside marriage.

Also, marriage laws, pertaining to adultery, only apply to women. In other words, men can sue for divorce if his wife cheats in any way, but a woman can only sue for divorce if the man takes up with another wife.

Now, there is nothing wrong with fighting for gender equality, in the West.

But Thailand has had a patriarchal society for centuries. It was the norm for men to have many wives and lovers. Men also could sell their wives and daughters into slavery.

Thais love to brag about how they were never colonized by the West.

One must wonder why all of a sudden they believe in Western values.

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