Thursday, January 25, 2007

Thaksin and his lies

Thaksin in Japan, calls for constitutional rule

Lie # 1 "Thais have enjoyed democracy and never want to be under a dictatorship or a non-democratic government,'' Mr Thaksin told the Asahi Shimbun newspaper. "They can be patient and tolerate such things to some extent, but not for too long.''

Interpretation: Thaksin destroyed democracy in Thailand with his bullshit, and now he is giving political theory lessons. Thaksin is a compulsive liar. He did everything to undermine the 97 Constitution: he bought votes, he cowed the press, he used his power to enrich himself and his cronies, he filled every institution in Thailand with his family and cronies. This jerk knows nothing about democracy.

Lie #2
"The respect of the rule of law and the justice system (by the international community)" is at stake, Thaksin was quoted as saying. "What international society worries about is that if the government under a coup d'etat abolishes the Constitution, the rule of law will not be observed."

Interpretation: Thaksin is the poster boy for undermining constitutional law and the respect for international norms and values. Thaksin wouldn't know the meaning of the rule of law if it bit him on the ass.

Lie #3 "
"I am waiting for the situation to go back to normal, because I want to urge the military government to restore unity to the Thai people," he told the newspaper. "I think I can be useful for the country. I can tell my supporters, 'OK, it's time that we should unite.'"

He claimed that during his premiership he pushed reform, trying to build a democracy that respected the voices of the poor and developed the nation's economy by intensifying competition."

Interpretation: Thaksin is only useful to enriching himself, his family, and his cronies.

Thaksin hates anything that is detrimental to his personal interests. Everything he supposedly did for Thailand he was doing for himself. He did shit for the poor and his policies did nothing to make Thailand competitive. In fact, he was protectionist and made sure the industries he and his cronies owned didn't face outside competition.

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