Tuesday, January 30, 2007

UN will help reform Thai police: Millions of people fell down laughing

UN experts to assist Thai Police revamp

The United Nations (UN) will send four experts to assist Thailand in making a "roadmap" for the Thai police institution revamp in early March, said Justice Ministry deputy permanent secretary Kittipong Kittiyarak, Tuesday.

In a meeting with the commission on January 27, executives of United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime and the Criminal Justice Reform Unit, boffered to send their officials to participate and contribute suggestions to the Thai Police revamp, as the UN had experience from police revamps in many other countries, he said.

The UN offer was in line with the commission's idea to have the new police structure created from the people's participation; to decentralise power to locals and enable the police to work closely with and become a "rock" - for the public, he said.

The notion that the UN is going to help reform the Thai police is a joke. I am not a UN basher, but come on. I bet by the end of their duty in Thailand those UN officers will be using their new found knowledge from the Thai police to become criminal masterminds.

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