Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Assets Security Committee Chases After Foreigners in Airport Graft Scandals, Ignores Thai Big Shots

First airport criminal charges filed

By Surasak Glahan and Ampa Santimetaneedol

The Assets Scrutiny Committee has filed criminal charges against four companies and their executives it says colluded with politicians and officials in the procurement of Suvarnabhumi's "overpriced" baggage-handling system, which included the CTX bomb scanners.

Three of the four accused are companies partnered in the ITO Joint Venture, a major contractor for Suvarnabhumi. They are Italian-Thai Development Plc, Takenaka and Obayashi. The fourth company is Quatrotec Inc, according to ASC spokesman Sak Korsaengruang said.

Mr Sak said the ASC recently found that these companies had conspired with officials and politicians through dishonest performance of duties in the procurement. The firms are charged with criminal offences under articles 3 and 11 of the Act Governing Wrongdoings of Officials in State Agencies, and Article 157 of the Criminal Code for conspiracy.

The companies' executives charged with the same offences are Tawatchai Suthiprapa of ITO, Shiro Osada of Takenaka, Masahide Kuniyoshi of ITO and Woravit Wisutchai of Quatrotec.

The ASC will soon officially inform the accused of the charges and will allow them to oppose appointment of any members on its inquiry sub-panel, Mr Sak said. The accused then will be asked to defend themselves against the charges.

It looks like foreigners are going to be blamed for all the corruption at the airport and those Thais with connections will get off. Amazing Thailand.

How come those Thai officials who signed off on the contracts are not named?

Why is it that the Japanese Bank for International Cooperation, the chief financier of the airport, is being left off the hook? They were supposed to audit all the contracts. What happened?

When will King Power be charged? What happened to the 2 billion in tea money that disappeared?

Who built the runaways? Who built the windows, the toilets and the floors?

Who granted the concessions?

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