Sunday, February 18, 2007

General Sonthi: Hey, Right Wing Propaganda Works!


Govt mulls satellite buy-back

Minister to discuss moves to regain assets with Sonthi; says ties with Singapore should not be affected

Information and Communications Technology Minister Sitthichai Pookaiyaudom will meet with junta leaders this week to discuss ways of regaining control of satellites from Singapore's Temasek Holdings.

Council for National Security chairman General Sonthi Boonyaratglin has vowed to reclaim the satellites.

Wow. This is junta might be finally getting its sea legs.

What lesson has the junta learned?

Right-wing nationalist propaganda works.

When all else fails:

1. Attack foreigners economically and politically

2. Chase after a political fugitive who can't defend himself

3. Attack the US: Steal intellectual property from America and cry about its evil lobbyists.

4. Attack free trade agreements

5. Hire Thaksin's number one crony to repackage Thaksinomics into Sufficiency Economics

6. Scream loudly about foreigners stealing Thai assets and demanding them back.

7. Make sure a piece of fascist propaganda like the movie King Naresuan is disseminated far and wide in the population.

8. Allow the nation's top yentas to go on a moralistic crusade against sexy dresses and Valentine's lovers in order to stop the evil influences of the West from seaping into pristine and morally pure Thai culture.

9. Give the number one yellow shirted phony, Sondhi, a talk show to lambast the evils of Thaksin and globalization--even though that number one yellow shirted phony bankrupted his international, multi-lingual media empire, costing the Thai tax payer billions of baht from his lack of using sufficieny theory in his business decisions.

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