Saturday, February 3, 2007

Is the new Bangkok Airport safe?

Ruts, cracks at airport termed dangerous

The premier was reportedly "very concerned" about the crisis at

Suvarnabhumi and sent his own advisory team, led by General Wattanachai
Chaimuenwong, to independently assess the growing number of problems
being uncovered at Thailand's new airport.

A key member of the team, Dr Suraphol Chivarak, who is the
country's leading expert in foundation engineering and airport surface
design, showed his concern about the safety of Suvarnabhumi's airfield.

He told The Nation after investigating the ruts and cracks on
the airport's taxi lanes yesterday that the condition looked

I don't really understand this. I always thought airports and airlines put passenger safety first.

If Suvarnabhumi isn't safe, why is it open? Why are airlines continuing to come?

Is it really all about greed? If so, and somebody gets hurt from this, it will truly be an international tragedy.

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