Saturday, February 24, 2007

Possibly Good News on Fighting Corruption in Thailand?


Top men may be charged in BMA fire truck case


The Assets Scrutiny Committee (ASC) will recommend prosecution of a former Bangkok governor, two former cabinet ministers, a ministerial aide and a retired police major-general for alleged irregularities in the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration's import of fire trucks and boats worth 6.7 billion baht. According to a senior source in the ASC, the sub-committee investigating the purchase deal will report its findings, which allegedly hold five senior people responsible for these irregularities, to the ASC on Monday.

With all the bad news lately, I have to admit that this is extremely good news.

I give the government and the Bangkok Post a hard time. But then they do something right, like go after the big fish, then I am happy and can't complain. Wow, see how that works? When things go right, I don't bitch. Ah, what a moment.

Samak is a big fish. His nefarious activities go way back. Plus, the good thing about this prosecution, if it ever sees the light of a court room, is that it goes after many parties. The Dems, the police, and the TRT ministers all get hit.

Nobody may go to jail in the end, but at least it is in the public domain for once and it is in the record.

I hope and pray that the ASC has more to show us in the future.

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