Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Thai-Iranian Relations: Lessons in Hypocrisy and Propaganda

Envoy Highlights Iran, Thailand Rich Cooperation Potentials TEHRAN (Fars News Agency)- Iran's Ambassador to Thailand Mohsen Pak Ayeen said Iran and Thailand enjoy ample potentials to promote the level of their cooperation, stressing that the two countries can freely expand ties in various economic areas.

Addressing a meeting on the 'Identification of Ways of Thailand-Muslim Countries Cooperation' in Bangkok on Monday, Pak Ayeen voiced pleasure in the orderly trend of the development of the two countries' ties, and said that Tehran and Bangkok can accelerate joint cooperation, particularly in the fields of economy, industry and tourism.

He further noted Iran's law on attraction of investments, and said, "According to this law, foreigners can make investments in Iran, and the Islamic Republic of Iran's government guarantees profitability of such investments."


Thai Justice Minister Charnchai Likhitjittha in a meeting with Iranian Ambassador to Bangkok Mohsen Pak-Ayeen on Wednesday declared his country's readiness to cooperate with Iran in campaign against organized crimes.

The Thai minister also declared his agreement with signing of a cooperation agreement with Iran on campaign against organized crimes as well as drug and human smuggling.

He underlined that Thailand is aware of Iran's decisive role in legal affairs.

Likhitjittha also welcomed exchange of experience in legal and judicial affairs between the two countries, adding that exchange of specialized delegations to provide them with the opportunity to get acquainted with each other's judicial system will facilitate getting a better idea on the other side.

Expounding on his country's policies on religious minorities, he referred to peaceful coexistence between various religions in Thailand as a positive feature and said that Muslims and their beliefs are highly respected

The envoy also mentioned that Iran's Free Trade Zones law exempts investors from paying tax for 20 years, and also described investment in petrochemical products sector as a very appropriate area for foreign investors.


1. Is there a human smuggling problem in Thailand with Iranians trying to obtain freedom elsewhere? Are Thai prostitutes being smuggled into Iran? Why is there an understanding on this topic? I don't get it.

2. I love this. Iran has a decisive role in legal affairs. I'm sure just like the Saudis and the Taliban.

3. This third paragraph is troubling. I guess Iran cares about Muslim rights only when Americans and Israelis are the oppressors. To Iranians, Muslims in Palestine and Iraq are freedom fighters. In Thailand, the Iranians think the Thai government loves the Muslims and is doing a great job of appeasing the murderers and criminals in the South.

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Anonymous said...

Thai government has no choice. Princess Sirindhorn has visited Iran several times and is quite the admirer of Persian art and culture. So the government has no choice but to extend its arms in friendship.