Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Thai Media Corruption Cover-Ups

'Black book' lists Thaksin-era graft

The Democrat party launched a "black book" yesterday detailing 34 cases of alleged corruption and abuse of power under the Thaksin government.

What exactly are these 34 cases?

The party said the 350-page book would help the interim government dig into irregularities and counter ousted prime minister Thaksin Shinwatra's denials of involvement. It comes at a time when Mr Thaksin is busy giving interviews to the foreign media in a bid to clear himself of corruption allegations.

The book contains four sections _ policy-oriented corruption, alleged irregularities in Suvarnabhumi airport's construction, the alleged corrupt conduct of Mr Thaksin's relatives, and of his ministers.

"The most important thing is we have to understand changes in the form and process of corruption, especially under the Thaksin regime," said Democrat leader Abhisit Vejjajiva.

What exactly are the changes "in the form and process of corruption?"

Copies of the book will be given to the Assets Scrutiny Committee, the Office of the Auditor-General, the National Counter Corruption Commission, the Anti-Money Laundering Office and the Council for National Security. These agencies are investigating all allegations of corruption during the Thaksin administration.

"The book will also serve as [a source of] information to counter Mr Thaksin, who continues to give interviews to the foreign media," said Democrat deputy leader Alongkorn Ponlabutr.

Copies will be distributed to the foreign media and embassies, including the United States, Japan and Singapore, and will be on sale to the public at 100 baht each.

The book details corruption allegations against the Thaksin government in what it calls a "corruption menu".

What exactly is in this "menu" of corruption?

What are the "new forms and processes of corruption?"

Why won't the Bangkok Post put this information into the public domain?

What is the point of a newspaper if it does more to cover up information than to reveal it?

The Thai media is weak, lazy and incompetent. They are not being responsible about the role they play in a democracy.

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Anonymous said...

"The Thai media is weak, lazy and incompetent"

True, but be fair Fonzi, most Thai people are weak, lazy and incompetent.

And stupid.