Monday, February 5, 2007

World-Class Thai Hospitality for Taiwanese Students in the Brothels of Pattaya

Thailand sex shows main draw of student trips

Sex shows in Thailand's Pattaya have become a main attraction of Taiwan college students' traditional graduation trips, according to local reports.

Hundreds of college students taking a vacation prior to their graduation were seen by a reporter of the United Evening News participating in interactive sex shows in Pattaya.

Female students were invited on to the stage of the show to touch the performers' breasts and genitalia, while male students were urged to watch a man perform acts with his penis.

A local tour guide in Thailand said that the shows have been sold out for the past four months in part with the help of Taiwan students taking advantage of the current month-long winter vacation.

The guide said that every day more than a hundred students from Taiwan traveling in tour groups are attending the shows.

Another tour guide revealed that some tour guides started to add the sex shows as optional features onto the student's tour itinerary years ago as student tours generally earn low profits for the guides.

Students generally do not have the financial ability to purchase jewelry or leather on shopping stops that usual tour groups would make, said the tour guide.

Can't rip the students off by taking them to a phony gem shop or fake leather goods store, so lets take them to see "overpriced" sex shows with watered down drinks instead.

Maybe Pattaya can be Thailand's new education hub.

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