Thursday, March 15, 2007

Are the Yellow Shirts Roughing Up the Anti-Coup Protesters?

Anti-coup activists arrested at Sanam Luang

The Nation

Five political activists were arrested Thursday when the metropolitan police demolished the stage of anti-coup protestors in Sanam Luang, ahead of their planned mass rally Saturday.

They were charged with obstructing officials in their duties and refusing to obey officials' orders after a brawl between the two groups.

More than 50 police officers and 80 officials of the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA) raided the northern area of Sanam Luang at about 9 am to remove the stage, which the protestors had been using to attack the junta and the government since March 5.

The five activists guarding the stage at the time were accused of obstructing the officials and throwing glass bottles. Two police officers were slightly injured while the five protesters were arrested in the one-hour operation.

Rengsak Horarueng, director of Pranakorn district, said the protestors did not ask permission from his office to use that area of Sanam Luang, so their actions were illegal.

Can The Nation be believed?

Jotman, if you read this, have you gone down there and checked it out yet?

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