Thursday, March 22, 2007

Yam Phao Pan Din Via 2Bangkok: Sondhi Blaming Southern Problems on Americans, Australians and Singaporeans

Sondhi presents new perspective – USA backs southern insurgents

Mr. Sondhi also analysed that southern situation. He thinks that the violence in the south might be related to western countries, especially the USA. The United States could theoretically back the movement through other countries like Australia and Singapore for the benefit of natural oil and gas assets.

He also cited historical examples of the United States being secretly responsible for economic or political changes in many countries, such as Iran.

He thought that Thai people should change their attitudes and ways of thinking in a bid to survive.

While it is true about what he said concerning US policy in Iran during the 1950's, there is no evidence of the US using Islamic terrorism as a tool for economic imperialism in Thailand or anywhere else.

Regardless of what you think of the US, Sondhi's claims are outrageous in the context of the war on terrorism and the last 175 years of US-Thai relations.

Some in my audience my be interested to know that there is a small soi, the one next to the old foreign ministry building, right across the street from the Grand Palace that is named after Francis Sayre, an American diplomat who was a foreign policy adviser to three Thai kings. He helped renegotiate many treaties with European powers that were antithetical to the claims that Sondhi is making.

Plus, if you look at the investment strategies of many US energy multinationals, I don't see them eager to enter Thailand. Singapore and Australia, on the other hand, do seem to have a lot invested in energy resources in the region, but to accuse them of fomenting Islamic terrorism in order to steal Thai resources is so ludicrous that you have to be a complete idiot to even consider them.

The thing about Sondhi's accusation is that many Thais believe in this type of nonsense.

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