Saturday, March 3, 2007

Democrats Want Action on the Economy


The Nation

Democrats call for action on economy

Abhisit urges Cabinet reshuffle and says it is time for government to be focused

The Democrats yesterday called for the Surayud government to salvage the sagging economy by cutting interest rates sharply, accelerating budget spending and dropping the 30-per-cent capital reserve requirement and the proposed amendment of the Foreign Business Act.

I think doing nothing or retracting everything that Pridiyathorn implemented is not a good idea.

There still should be reasonable and wise policies that need to be implemented to protect the country from short-term capital fluctuations and the nominee issue still needs to be clarified.

Hobby is right. The nominee issue is used to skirt foreign ownership laws. The FBA still needs to be addressed.

Some may breathe a sigh of relief and want to keep the status quo. But that doesn't mean the problems have gone away.

My suggestion is to take right wing nationalist politics out of these business codes and do what is best for the Thai economy over the long haul.

This back and forth stuff is doing nobody any good.

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