Saturday, March 3, 2007

General Sonthi's Interview with Time Magazine

General Sonthi Interview at Time

TIME: When will prime ministerial elections be held, and will the military maintain any political role after the elections?

SONTHI: We are looking at a new election by the end of this year. The military will withdraw from politics and we will become, as we want to be, professional soldiers who will help develop the country any way we can.

TIME: Some people believe members of the military may use a proxy party to put forward their own candidate.

SONTHI: As I have said, to enter the political arena, cash is the most important thing. I do not see any military officers in the CNS who have that [kind] of political ambition and money.

My belief is that the military will be running the show from behind the scenes deep into the second or third year after the next coronation.

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