Monday, March 12, 2007

The Nation: We Support Coups And Military Juntas, But We Don't Support Unelected Prime Ministers


A giant step back to the past

The interim government must not even consider the notion of a non-elected prime minister

That the issue was raised at all by the charter drafters is beyond belief. Thailand's political circumstances dictate that if members of the Constitution Drafting Assembly are sensible and patriotic, they must stay away from the highly controversial and explosive idea of paving the way for a prime minister who does not come from an election. Bringing the topic to the CDA floor alone has aggravated the crisis of trust besetting the post-coup interim leadership. And the CDA, the Council for National Security and the Surayud government will only have themselves to blame if the already fragile and eroding public trust crumbles before them.

Yes, any idea has pros and cons. But with lingering suspicion that the interim leadership is plotting a scheme to extend its reign, directly or indirectly, the non-elected prime minister idea will only harm Thailand. It will give the enemies of the interim leadership more ammunition than they already have. It will convert those who were sceptical of the September 19 coup into all-out crusaders against it, and the neutral will join them. Supporters of the coup will go into hiding.


Typical Nation hypocrisy in action. I love how all the anti-democrats think they are experts on democracy.

The Nation likes democracy when their guys are in and hates it when their political enemies are in power.

What if everybody in Thailand adopted the attitude that there should be a coup and a new constitution when their guys are out of power.

It has been 75 years since 1932 and Thai politics hasn't matured by one day.

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