Monday, March 26, 2007

Suriyasai Katasila: Spokesman for Campaign for Popular Democracy or Defender of the Juntacracy

Govt advised to keep public well informed

Bangkok Post

Suriyasai: PTV may exploit weaknesses


The Campaign for Popular Democracy (CPD) yesterday urged the government to find a way of keeping the public better informed of its progress if it wants to prevent executives of the banned People's Television (PTV) station from politicising the issue.

CPD secretary-general Suriyasai Katasila said it was likely that PTV executives would cite the government's weaknesses as reasons to draw more people to its "politically-motivated" rally, which he warned could eventually lead to confrontation.

The government and the Council for National Security (CNS) should not underestimate the power of the recent anti-government movement organised by PTV executives, he said.

The former leading member of the People's Alliance for Democracy also said that a number of recent anti-government rallies, including the one organised by PTV, stemmed from the government's inefficiency in tackling national crises and its lack of progress in bringing corruption charges against members of the previous administration.

"People will continue to give support to the government and the CNS if they manage to show some achievements," said Mr Suriyasai.

Suriyasai has no credibility left. How can you be a pro-democracy advocate and a defender of an illegal government that has absolutely no popular legitimacy?

And if Thaksin's former political allies are active, so what? Do they lose all their political rights because of their past affiliations with the last government?

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Anonymous said...

Agree, as his movement contains the word democracy, suriyasai thinks that all others are not democratic and he has the monopoly of democracy while shamelessly sleeping with the coupmakers.