Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Thai Air's Solution to Solving Ground Services Crisis: Swap Incompent Management Team Around

THAI shakes up top ground service posts


The management of Thai Airways International yesterday reshuffled its ground service executives while it is planning to recruit more ground service staff to meet the heavy workload.

The executive management meeting resolved to have Mrs Wannaporn Wibulkijja, sales and marketing manager for ground services, and Priti Ramasutr, airport service director, swap their positions.

Another decision was to swap the posts of Mano Sapyanont, ground services director at Suvarnabhumi, and Kua Jamornmarn, general administration director.

Management made the changes to improve operations and the decision followed complaints from THAI staff, THAI president Apinan Sumanaseni said. The changes took effect immediately, he added.

He also said that THAI would recruit 300 new employees for check-in services following complaints from THAI staff and their labour union that there were not enough of them. There may be additional recruitment if THAI's partial return to Don Muang airport aggravates the shortage of check-in staff at Suvarnabhumi.


The Thai solution to this problem is to just swap the incompetent managers around. Unbelievable. Why not fire people? This is Thailand. Firing incompetent managers doesn't happen. Instead, the customers are supposed to suffer. Why fire three-four people and save ten of thousands of people a lot of grief? Because this country is where the puyai rule and the masses are nothing but ants to be stepped on.

I've been to Suvarnaphumi three times since it opened. This is what I have noticed. The check-in staff members casually sit around, gossip with each other, check their makeup, and talk on their mobile phones while the passengers are lined up from here to eternity. They do this at the departure gate as well.

The staff doesn't smile. They are totally useless for information.

The Thai Air problem has nothing to with the number of staff. It has to do with competency and productivity.

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