Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Bangkok Post: CNS Wants to Punish Leaker of their Propaganda Slush Fund

CNS hunts for people behind leak

PR project papers were classified

Bangkok Post


The Council for National Security (CNS), which has been criticised over a 12-million-baht budget for public relations given to a younger brother of a key member, is trying to nail the source of the leak of the classified information to the public.

CNS vice-chairman and air force commander-in-chief ACM Chalit Pukpasuk said yesterday that anyone who had released the information would be considered to have violated the law, because it was highly confidential.

ACM Chalit denied any knowledge of the reported spending but said public relations campaigns were normal activities of any state agencies, and spending for this purpose was legitimate.

Chalit: Spending on PR is legitimate

The CNS hired a team led by Chianchuang Kalayanamitr to take responsibility for the public relations campaign.

Mr Chianchuang is a younger brother of assistant army chief Gen Saprang, who is secretary-general to the CNS.


The absurdity never ends. If this is normal behavior of a government agency, why keep it a secret?

Also, it looks like General Saprang is cashing in, the guy who considered himself the savior of the country.

He spent $175,000 on a week long trip to Europe for him and his cronies, and now his brother gets 12 million, roughly $330,000, for a secret propaganda campaign against Thaksin, which apparently hasn't worked at all.

The propaganda campaign may have not stopped Thaksin, but General Saprang has done a fairly good job of silencing the media in relation to the problems at the airport ever since he took over at AOT.

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Anonymous said...

These people are no longer the good guys. It seems they never were. The way they are going will exceed any of the lunacies of the Thaksin era, and I am beginning to suspect that Thais do not deserve democracy, nor to be welcome where enlightened countries gather together.