Thursday, April 19, 2007

The Cause of Surayud's Problems: Incompetence or Feng Shui?

Necromancy to the rescue

The Nation

To survive the coming political turbulence, Prime Minister Surayud Chulanont may need more than a Cabinet reshuffle.

His advisers believe adjusting the feng shui of the Thai Kufah Building will help.

Surayud's office may be of great advantage to the government. Fortune-tellers surveyed his office on Tuesday and suggested fountains be installed at the entrance to the building and in front of the Purple Room.

They said auspicious plants, such as crepe jasmine or garden croton, would help boost the prime minister's prestige.

A giant kurchi tree should be installed by the staircase behind the building. "Garden croton" has a good meaning in Thai; it is called koson, which means "merit". Kurchi means "longevity". Crepe jasmine trees should be laid out along the canal opposite the building.

Gotta love it. The source of Thailand's problems is either Thaksin and his nameless faceless "undercurrents" or the feng shui of Surayud's office.

Go ahead generals, buy some plants, change the furniture around, play with your fountains, visit your fortune tellers in Chiang Mai, and wear 9 Jatukhams around your neck. Blame the mystical forces of the universe for your idiocy and incompetence in the real world.


Anonymous said...

I'm a little confused here. If crepe jasmines are the trees I'm thinking off with their beautiful purple crepe flowers that are in bloom around this time of year, then they shouldn't be grown anywhere near Surayud's office. In Thai they are called tabaek, and baek means to carry. I think Surayud has enough of a load already!

Anonymous said...

When people dont understand what is happenin, they try to understand ot by attributing it to unseen powers. What Surayud is saying is that he doesnt know wtf is happening.

In this respect he seems to be lagging some way behind the rest of the country. Who have known this for several months.

Anonymous said...

At least Surayud isn't worshipping dark forces, Khmer shamans, the spirits of stillborn babies like Thaksin.

Surayud supports white magic, while Thaksin is clearly a demon from the dark side.