Sunday, April 15, 2007

Democrat Leader Abhisit Vejjajiva Disappoints: No Vision, No Platform, Voice of Resignation

Junta, Govt urged to patch up differences

The Nation

Democrat leader Abhisit Vejjajiva has called on the junta and its government to patch up their reported differences in order to return democracy - even an "imperfect" one - to the people as soon as possible.

In an article on the party's website, and also distributed to the media, Abhisit appeared to reflect the public's growing weariness and suspicion, and said if interim leaders occupied themselves with "how to get off the tiger's back safely", it would, ironically, doom them and put the nation in jeopardy.

"To the Thai people, the only hope now is that all parties would just help the country scrape through until we can hold a general election, after which our problems can be gradually solved," he wrote.

Pathetic, really. Let is scrape through until the next election. And this man wants to lead the country?

"[The people] do not expect a better constitution [than the 1997 charter]. We just want one good enough for a return to democracy and to pave the way for appropriate solutions to the country's troubles later.

Do not expect a better constitution? Then what was the point of scraping the last one if we are just going to make the next one even worse. And Abhisit must be the only politician in the world who believes procrastination is a substitute for public policy.

"And, the people do not expect much policy-wise, either. The country just needs a functioning economy, and law and order. In short, no more problems than at present.

If this is true, then why are so many people making so much noise. The PAD isn't happy. The Thaksinistas aren't happy. I don't necessarily disagree with Abhisit here, but to say that most people want the status quo really demonstrates he is out of touch.

"Even of the proclaimed agenda of the [coup leaders] announced when the September 19 coup was staged, many Thais have resigned themselves to the fact that things won't turn out as they expected," Abhisit said.

This really is pathetic. If the coup leaders lied, Abhisit should be demanding why they lied and hold them accountable for their agenda. Abhisit is the leader of the oldest political party in Thailand. Instead of acting like a pussy, he should be stepping up and show what he is made of.

The Democrat leader noted it would be easier for the Thai public to lower their expectations than for those in power to ease concerns about their own political future.

Nice. That is all we need. Thai people to lower their expectations, more. Instead of being called the "Land of Smiles," Thailand should be renamed "The Land of Low Expectations."

"If the powers-that-be look to the future and think about only one thing - how to get off the tiger's back safely - it will be a very big mistake. Even more so if they now are thinking they have to find a way to hold on to power, one way or another," he said.

"It will be a big mistake not just for themselves, because the country will be put on a risky and confrontational path, and the crisis will intensify. And, ironically, it will make their departure from the country's helm a lot more dangerous."

My instincts tell me that the junta leaders are not going to play major roles after the new constitution and the elections. But Sonthi lied and said there would never be a coup. So who knows? I think the military will play a role, especially until after the succession, but I don't think it will be a repeat of '92.

Abhisit said the final six months in power for military leaders and their government should see continuous and serious efforts to fulfil the coup agenda.

In addition there should be the laying of groundwork for a general election, protection of media freedom, setting up a bureaucratic system to prevent state officials becoming "tools of corruption" and a national campaign to promote political ethics and morality.

"Most importantly, the interim leaders must stay away from corruption themselves. They must counter accumulating allegations or the people would lose hope and become convinced that change of power can never solve the problem of abuse of power and would serve only to change the beneficiaries of abuse of power," he said.

These last three paragraphs are all bullshit. I don't think there will be a serious case against Thaksin. I think the new constitution will suck. The Thai media will continue to be self-serving and worthless as a check against the government. I think the corruption apparatus that was in place before Thaksin, during Thaksin, and after Thaksin will still be in place after all is said and done. I don't think any anti-corruption and morals workshops will change a damn thing. As for the coup leaders no partaking at the public trough, who does Abhisit think he is fooling?

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Patiwat said...

The Democrats know that they'll never win a fair election, so it's useless for them to proactively come out with a concrete policy platform. It's much better for them to snipe from the sidelines.