Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Thaksin and Lese Majeste Update

Sonthi accepts lese majeste decision

The Nation

Council for National Security chairman General Sonthi Boonyaratglin said Wednesday he respected the decision of public prosecutors who opted not to pursue cases of lese majeste against deposed prime minister Thaksin Shinawatra.

Sonthi commented after the decision was announced on Tuesday. He said the matter was going through the legal process and overseen by the police, so the CNS would not interfere.

"We respect the decision of the public prosecutors," he said.

Claims of lese majeste were cited as one of four general reasons used by the junta to justify the coup on Sept 19 to depose Thaksin.

Asked if the decision meant the coup-makers had not done their work successfully, Sonthi replied that he could not explain all reasons to the public because it involved national security.

One reason the military got rid of Thaksin was because he dissed the monarchy. The public prosecutors let Thaksin off the hook. But General Sonthi says there is more information, but he can't reveal it because of national security.

In other words, the military overthrew the government for something that it refuses to talk about. And this asshole Sonthi is the one who said he overthrew the government in the name of protecting "real democracy." Somebody should tell this general that he can't just capriciously overthrow elected governments without any legitimate reasons.

And, guess what, the PAD and the Campaign for Popular Democracy are going to stand by and accept this. But I guess I always knew what a sham both those organizations are.

Not only are the phony democrats going to accept it, they are going to start their protests up again because the junta is not tough enough on the Thaksinistas and the anti-coup protesters.


Anonymous said...

Thaksin and Fonzi both were the assholes. Thaksin insulted every Thai person's intelligence with his rampant abuses and criminal spree.

You Fonzi and Thaksin are the phonies posing as champions of democracy. Thaksin committed extra-judicial murders and grand theft. Just like Capone, perhaps Thaksin will only go to jail for tax evasion. But that should be enough . . hopefully Thaksin too would die in jail with some dreaded disease.

Anonymous said...

I too have noted Fonzia apparent bias towards Thaksin but believe it is apparent only. What he says is right, whatever we think of Thaksin, until he is convicted in a Thai court, he is innocent. Blame the government for not getting off their asses , not Fonzi for pointing it out.