Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Who's Who of Political Insiders and Academics on Junta's Payroll

Saprang's cousin given PR work 'because of experience'

The Nation

The cousin of a key junta figure was chosen to head a Bt12-million government public relations campaign because "he is a professional and experienced at PR," Council for National Security (CNS) spokesman Colonel Sansern Kaewkamnerd said yesterday.

Chianchuang Kalayanamitr is a cousin of CNS deputy secretary-general Saprang. Sansern said the CNS could bargain with Chianchuang also because his was well-known to them. "We were able to reduce the budget from Bt25 million to Bt12 million because we could negotiate the hire," he said, after a CNS meeting yesterday.

The anti-coup website claimed yesterday that several well-known politicians were part of the Bt12-million PR team. It reported earlier this week that a team led by Chianchuang had been hired for the PR campaign. The documents were signed by CNS chairman Sonthi Boonyaratglin on Feb 4.

Chianchuang has admitted taking the the work, but denied it had anything to do with Saprang.

The military, meanwhile, were trying to find the person who leaked the information, claiming the leak was a violation of the law, as the document was highly confidential.

The hi-Thaksin website has continued attacking the CNS, hinting on Monday they had more information on Chianchuang's team. Yesterday, it had a report titled "Disclosure of the Chianchuang Gangsters".

It claimed there are over 100 PR staff members. Most are academics and politicians critical of the Thaksin government, including former Chat Pattana party leader Korn Dabbaransi, Democrats Korn Chatikavanij, Alongkorn Palabutr and Korbsak Sabavasu, Prapat Panya-chatraksa, a key Thai Rak Thai member who moved to the Chat Thai party, plus ex-senator Kraisak Choonhavan. Academics included Wuttipong Piebjriya-wat, Sophon Supapong, Narong Phet-prasert, Somkiat Osotspa.However, Sophon denied he had anything to do with the project.

Wow, what a list of people on the junta's payroll.

I'm a little surprised how cheaply they sold their souls for.

But this list accurately reflects the chorus of voices the last six months that have been outspoken against Thaksin and pro-junta.

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