Tuesday, May 1, 2007

The Nation: Thaksin becomes Thai Golf President

[GOLF] Deposed prime minister Thaksin Shinawatra, who was elected president of the Professional Golf Association of Thailand (PGAT) yesterday, vowed to keep out of politics and spend money from his foundation to develop the country's education and sports.

Despite his absence overseas, the former premier, who was forced to give up power in the military coup last September, received unanimous votes from 71 members present during the PGAT General Assembly Meeting at The Legacy Golf Club.

Only two names - the other being Torpong Chiyasarn - were nominated for the post. Torpong, a Thai Rak Thai Party member, withdrew from the race. Professional golfers Prom Meesawat and Thammanoon Srirot were among those who cast votes for the former premier.


For some reason I thought this was hilarious. This was definitely a "jump the shark" moment.

Is this association real or just a place with an official sounding name?


Bangkok Pundit said...

Hmm... This is disturbing. I was also going to blog about this. Ditto your other two posts today.

hobby said...

What's so disturbing about it, Pundit?

The way he was nominated and elected unopposed may be irregular, but somehow I find this less disturbing than Thaksin being elected as PM by the rural masses.
I would think someone like Thaksin could serve the interests of professional golfers better than he served the country.(and less chance for corruption, conflicts of interest, let alone extra-judicial killings)

Bangkok Pundit said...

Hobby: Nothing apart from the fact I found it amusing. Thaksin appears to be only playing golf and shopping these days (aside from plotting to overthrow the government and make Thailand a Republic and part of the US).

I was thinking of a title like "Golfers for Thaksin". It was more tongue in check than anything serious.

Bangkok Pundit said...

Hobby: Oh, I see what your meaning. I just found it disturbing (spooky might have been a better word) that the 3 topics I wanted to post about yesterday where the exact same 3 topics that Fonzi posted on. I hadn't see any of his posts before posting.

hobby said...

Pundit: Thanks for the explanation.
Both your and Fonzi's blogs are required daily reading for me.

It would be great if you two could entice Wisarut (from 2bangkok) to comment on your blogs - then I would not need to look anywhere else.