Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Party Dissolution Day: The Democrats

The Tribunal clears Democrat and Taikorn from hiring small party and wrongly accusing TRT

The Nation

The Constitutional Tribunal cleared two senior Democrat members of accusations that they involved in hiring smaller parties to contest in the April 2 election.

They were party spokesman Sathit Wongnongtoey and party's secretary general Suthep Thueksubhan.

Attorney General office had accused both of involving in the hiring of Prachathippatai Kaona party to run in Phuket in the April election.

However the Tribunal said that after examining the evidence, they found that both did not involve in the accused acts. Both also did not pay money to the smaller party to contest in the election

The Tribunal also said Taikorn Palasuwan, did not hire Wattawit Tantipirom, leader of Better Life Party to wrongly accuse Thai Rak Thai. What Taikorn did was merely seeking evidence.

Democrat not guilty of using "Thaksin Regime" in campaign

The Nation

The Constitutional Tribunal rules as groundless that allegations against Democrat Party's party leader and executive members that they used a clause, "Thaksin Regime" in their campaigns to convince people not to join in the April 2 election.

The tribunal said Democrat Party leader Abhisit Vejjajiva did not create the clause, "Thaksin Regime," but it has been used by academicians and media for long time.

Ousted prime minister Thaksin Shinawatra had actually created his unique style of administration and caused divisions among the public.

Therefore, Democrat party did not wrongly accuse Thai Rak Thai and Thaksin by using the clause. The tribunal delivered the verdict on the first accusation after reading the verdict since 2pm.

Well, it looks like the Democrats will get off. I always thought the case against them was weak.

The defamation charges are stupid and silly. I don't agree with the notion of boycotting an election, but I don't see how advocating a boycott is a threat to anybody.

When HMTK said that the court should explain the facts of the case, I didn't think he meant literally read the facts of cases for hours and hours.


Unknown said...

Wonder what made stock investors so confident to the point that SET index surged 9.61 point even when the verdict was still being read?

Anonymous said...

I guess those investors, who put their money where Fonzi\'s mouth should be, know more than the rest of us.

Those investors are saying that TRT and Thaksin-Potjaman team will be definitely dead and that can only be good for Thai business for the short and long haul.

But I was kind of mesmerized by the long, tediously long, Constitutional Court read as they give their verdict on the DP case. I thought it was good too, kind of catharsis, as we get to learn more of Thaksin\'s \'democratic\' ways and \'legitimate\' rule.

Still think Thaksin was \'legitimate\' Fonzi or after listening to the Constitutional Court\'s soporific long read, did you reach a change of mind Fonzi?

Fonzi said...


I thought it was interesting that the court would read off a long list of Thai Rak Thai's alleged crimes during the Democrat section of the judgment.

I wondered why they did this. Was this normal operating procedure or was it political? I didn't get how attacking TRT had anything to do with their own case.

Matty, why do you insist of accusing me of things I have never advocated?

I have never been for Thai Rak Thai or Thaksin. I have never voted for Thai Rak Thai. I don't like any Thai Rak Thai politicians. I have not benefited from them personally in any way, including public policies. I don't even have any friends or family who have voted for Thai Rak Thai or like Thaksin.
I have acquaintances who like Thaksin for some of his leadership qualities. My girlfriend's grandfather in Chiang Rai loves Thaksin, but I don't discuss politics with him.

You don't seem to get that I am anti-coup, pro-constitution, and pro-rule of law.

I don't believe in destroying the constitution and punishing 65 million Thais because of a few politicians.

sooksiam said...

If the court had not explained the reason for the judgement in more detail, some party might have got mad.

Fonzi possibly did not want to hear rationality.

Hope you change your mind.

Unknown said...

Matty says:

Those investors are saying that TRT and Thaksin-Potjaman team will be definitely dead and that can only be good for Thai business for the short and long haul.

My response:
it would be interesting to find out the SET index on Friday (Thursday being holiday) -- whether it will go further up. This means Matty's assumption is correct. However, if the index goes down, I am waiting for his wise comments.....

Whether TRT's dissolution will be good for the country's economy in the short and long term, time will tell..... (and excuses will be made)