Friday, June 1, 2007

The Nation Editorial: We Measure Our Friends By How Well They Support Our Military Junta

Thai-China bond unshakeable

Two agreements signed by Surayud this week will help deepen into relations between the two countries

It is during times like these that China likes to show its support for friends. Thailand is no exception, but it must be said that Beijing has gone the extra mile to back the Surayud government. Even though Prime Minister Surayud Chulanont's official visit to China earlier this week was cut short, the substance of the trip was very much there.

Furthermore, China has mapped out future strategic relations with Thailand in five areas that would further strengthen cooperation and dialogue between the two countries. China wants to see high-level visits between the two countries continue unabated. This is important because regardless of what happens in Thailand or its political situation, Beijing will continue to support Bangkok.

Following the September 19 coup last year, China was the only country that dispatched its most senior officials including state councillor Tang Jiaxuan and top-notch military officials to Thailand.

According to The Nation's standards, China is a good friend because it will kiss Thailand's ass and tell it wants to hear when it is self-destructing. These idiots at The Nation truly believe that China is a friend because it won't say anything critical about Thailand's political situation--even though it is obvious that this is nothing but a political ploy to move it away from its more critical "friends" in the US and Europe. This was exactly the same strategy the Japanese used with Thailand during the 1930's when the Europeans were critical of the People's Party.

China, of course, is an excellent friend if Thailand aspires to be a military or one-party dictatorship. When China offers its hand in friendship, we should all recall the scene in The Godfather when Don Corleone's "friends" crawled on their knees to go kiss his hand.

Look at China's regional busom buddies: Burma, Cambodia and North Korea. It warms my heart that The Nation wishes Thailand to become China's wealthy client state in the heart of Southeast Asia.


sooksiam said...

The reason that China does not want to say anything about Thailand is the country does not want to bark in and get involved with other people’s business. It is Thailand’s mess; I suppose it is better to let Thailand get on with it.

I utterly disagree with your comment that Thailand is using a political, deceptive tactic to move away from the US and Europe. Please don’t smear this sort of accusation again. To Fonzi, if Thailand tries to get along with another country that has a different political system from us, Thailand is deemed to be siding with that country. What a horrible analysis! Fonzi is making an assumption like the Nation again. Eat your words, sweetie pooh!

According to this blog, if you have Chinese friends, it will certainly be thought that you do not want to have American or European friends. This idea is just garbage. Thailand always wants to get on well with other countries despite the differences. Fonzi should know this by now, unless he or she is not Thai, but is merely pretending to be.

I agree with Matty that Fonzi has a psychological problem with the Nation, he/ she should be called a NationPhobe. Can’t Fonzi, a single day, stop making false allegations? I seriously doubt that.

anon said...

For once, I agree with sooksiam. Thailand isn't moving away from the US.

Thailand still wants free US military aid and the "prestige" that comes from kissing up to the world's only superpower. The US's friendship is so valued that Pramote Nakornthap is on a lobbying tour of the US trying to shoot down US Congressman Mark Kirk's bill that would remove Thailand's designation as a major non-NATO ally.

Fonzi said...

There is no doubt in my mind that this is a strategic move by Thailand and China.

Thailand wants China to become its new superpower patron because the US is weakened and distracted by its obsession with the terrorists, and China wants Thailand to be its wealthy regional client state to serve its economic and security interests in Southeast Asia.

Sooksiam, that is my analysis. It is not a smear.

Of course, Thailand wants to get along with all countries, but there are some countries that serve Thailand's interests more than others.

There is nothing wrong with pointing out that there are some powers in Thailand who want China to be the country's new lord and protector. That was the traditional role before British imperialism came along and disrupted the old order.

Unknown said...

Of course it is what they are doing. Thas are well known fr this type of crass manipulation, they are fair weather friends and there are 2 things that will cause them to have a proper little huff with the USA. These are:

1. If the USA criticises them for something (like erm - IP theft or coups - that sort of thing).
2. If China (or anyone) makes them a better offer.

Realism is essential in politcal commentary.

Anonymous said...

Thailand is moving into a closer relationship with China because the Chinese government is going to much more tolerant of a military dictatorship that the West is.

Let's face it, it's only a matter of time before the West understands what's going on in Thailand (i.e. it's getting shafted big time) and then there's a good chance Thailand could find itself an international pariah. It's already garnered an unprecedented level of criticism in the Western media with regards the coup and the general anti-farang sentiments and policies (e.g. FBA) that have been bandied about since the coup.

Thailand and China make good bedfellows - with their military dictatorships, scant regard for intellectual property and complete lack of moral and ethical principles. A match made in heaven.