Thursday, July 12, 2007

Bangkok Post Editor: Worried About Kanpithak's Driving More Than His Killing Of Innocent People

Immature but licensed drivers on the roads

Ploenpote Atthakor

Bangkok Post

This is how the commentary begins:

The freedom of Kanpithak Patchimsawat, a 20-year-old man who killed one and injured three others when he swerved his Mercedes into a group of bus passengers late on Wednesday night, has been ensured _ at least for now _ after police gave the green light to a bail request made on Monday by his beauty queen mother. Nearly a week after a case that has caused a public uproar, the police have yet to question the man, the son of a wealthy divorced couple, Kan-anek Patchimsawat and Sawinee Pakaranang; for he is said to still be ''suffering'' physically and mentally from the incident and therefore is not ready to see the authorities.

Kanpithak faces charges of murder and attempted murder, among others, in a case that should have ended like any other regular traffic dispute, that is, the wrongdoer compensates for damages caused to the other party.

And this is how the commentary ends:

Back to Kanpithak's case: we have not yet heard a single word from the authorities as to what will eventually happen to this man's driving licence _ if he has one. His father has said he is determined not to allow his son to drive and that he will henceforth travel only in a chauffeur-driven car. But this is not a matter of consent. After serving his civil and criminal punishment, Kanpithak should not be allowed to hold a driving licence for good.

This young spoiled brat who thought he was immune from the justice system intentionally ran over bus passengers in a fit because of an insignificent spat with a bus driver.

He should be tried for murder.

But editor Ploenpote thinks this incident was about Kanipithak's driving skills and that he should have his driving privileges revoked.

Instead of worrying about his driver's license, perhaps Ploenpote should be wondering why this evil punk is out on bail.

I wonder if the "Twinkie Defense" will become a new trend in Thai society.


ChiangRaiMan said...

Blame it on Thaksin....

Unknown said...

Yah. What is this little shit doing back on the streets? In typical Thai fashion, I see the Dad said the son would 'make merit' for this murder and attempted murder. How comforting. Making merit is designed to assist the karma of the perpetrator, not to provide justice or compensation to society or those personally affected by this yahoo Henry's actions. Typical self-engrossed Thai values coming to the fore. Again. Still