Saturday, July 28, 2007

General Saprang Sides with the Financial Interests of Loxley-ICTS over Public Safety at Suvarnabhumi Airport

Board refuses to shorten contract

Bangkok Post


The board of Airports of Thailand has rejected its management's proposal to shorten the Suvarnabhumi airport security service contract with the Loxley-ICTS consortium, to avoid legal troubles. AOT board chairman Gen Saprang Kalayanamitr said after a board meeting yesterday that the board could not approve the management's proposal to halve the consortium's service contract to five years in response to its substandard security service, as the consortium has made it clear it disagreed with the plan.

The board did not want a legal dispute as the consortium had acquired the contract legally, he said.

This is one of the most idiotic arguments I have ever heard. AOT doesn't want a legal dispute with Loxley-ICTS, because it could lead to a legal dispute. WTF? If the consortium is providing substandard service, it should be fired.

Gen Saprang denied the board was protecting the contractor. He said the board was aware of the investment burden taken on by the consortium and would see to justice for both sides.

No, General Saprang would never take the side of corrupt businessmen over the interests of the public. Gen Saprang, of course, is the guy who took an unnecessary luxury trip to Europe on the government's satang; he gave his cousin a multi-million baht contract for a propaganda campaign against Thaksin; and, he redirected 800 million from TOT to supposedly finance equipment for the army.

But he insisted the security service provided by the consortium was still poor and needed to be improved.

How much time has Saprang had to fix the problems at the airport? Why has the Thai media been silent about this ever since the propaganda campaign to blame Thaksin for all the cracks in the runway and the fishy King's Power concession.

Chirmsak Pinthong, spokesman for the AOT board, said the consortium fielded 1,200 guards a day, which was short of the 2,000 stated in the contract.

This is an old mafia racket. You charge the government for the cost of 2,000 guards, yet the contractor only pays for the services of 1,200. I wonder who pockets the difference. Of course, the worthless Bangkok Post doesn't bother to ask that question.

Their service consisted of two shifts, each consisting of 600 guards who must work as long as 12 hours a day.

Typical exploitation.

The board suspects that this arrangement, instead of three eight-hour shifts, may affect service quality.

These board members have theirs heads up their asses. Which is better? Guards who work 12 hour or 8 hours shifts? Also, are guards being paid more for their 12 hour shift? I seriously doubt it. Again, the worthless Bangkok Post refuses to ask this logical question.

The board believed that if the consortium was not able to improve its service in line with the contracted standards, the AOT management should terminate the contract instead of shortening it, Mr Chirmsak said.

Of course. This would be the right thing to do. But General Saprang would rather do nothing about the lives of millions of passengers at risk.

However, a source said the board feared such a move could land it in legal trouble with the consortium.

The board has the duty to protect the public, not worry about lawsuits from corrupt businessmen.

Also, Mr Chirmsak said the board had yesterday resolved to grant 200 million baht to the army, which had sought financial support for its procurement of anti-explosives equipment for use in the deep South. AOT will also lend some of its explosives detectors at Suvarnabhumi and other airports to the army for use in the troubled region.

I had to do a double-take when I read this last paragraph. This should be the top story.

Why are other agencies of the government giving money to the army?

General Saprang forced TOT to give money to the army for eavesdropping equipment, and now he is forcing AOT to give money and equipment to the army for explosive detectors.

What the F is going on? The army gave itself a raise, it has given itself extra money for ISOC, and now it is milking money from other agencies for the war in the South that it has handed over to militias and vigilantes.

Why does the Thai media allow this shit to continue without comment? Madness, sheer madness.

But, then, why should anybody be surprised? This is exactly what the military did during the Cold War.

Military generals sat on boards of state industries, gave money to themselves and their cronies, and when it came to military procurement, they would re-direct the equipment of other departments to the army, so that they could source their black market activities to finance their hi-so lifestyles.


Matty said...

Good work Fonzi!

Fonzi you are onto to something crooked. Now stick to Gen. Saprang and his antics at Suvarnabhumi like a dog . . . something smells at Suvarnabhumi and on this point I can smell it with you.

Now you are entitled to berate Post and Nation for being sooooo silent about Sapran's shenanigans!

Together we can bark at General Saprang Fonzi! If I see Saprang at any Bangkok street I'll take a bite at his crooked ass too!

Rich said...

So what happens to security at the airport when AOT sends some of its explosives detectors to the South? Isn't this making the security service even more suspect?

Whatever is in these people's heads? Shit?

Rich said...

Seems like Saprang had his palm nicely crossed with silver...

Still, even Generals need cups of tea.

ChiangRaiMan said...

Security at Suvarnabhumi? There is no security at the airport,I was shocked and a bit scared when I used the airport in June. I arrived and walked thu the doors to check in for my overseas flight and at any other airport there would be a security check point with metal detectors and x-ray machines for luggage and carry-on,nope not here. I checked in and walked to the gates,at other airports these are secure areas,only people with tickets and IDs are allowed in these areas. Not here,anyone could walk around the shops and duty free areas, I couldn't believe it!! ANYONE and I mean ANYONE could walk into the airport with a "backpack" and get almost all the way to the gate area before you have any type of security checkpoints,how scary is that? At Chiang Rai airport you can't get past the doors without walking past armed soldiers, metal detectors and x-ray screening of your bags and carry on...WTF???
AMAZING THAILAND for sure. I just hope that people don't die because of some corupt polictians trying to make a few sad indeed.

dizzy said...

Who are you Fonzi?
You are a very very brave man.
Keep it up.

Rich said...

"Not here,anyone could walk around the shops and duty free areas,"

Changriaman, I believe this extract from your post explains all. Suvarnabum is a shopping mall with a few planes around the edges.