Sunday, August 26, 2007

Breaking News from The Nation: Thai Police have Poor Image

They cited police being under powerful politicians (87 per cent), discriminating while providing services to the public (77 per cent), extorting money and requesting bribes (72 per cent) and using money to buy desirable transfers and positions (67.5 per cent). People with direct experience in police work at police stations in 24 provinces were asked for negative and positive impressions.

On the negative side, they noted unfriendliness (33 per cent), understaffing with on-duty officers (23 per cent), lack of hi-tech tools (27 per cent), threats against them (16 per cent), inappropriate behaviour such as drinking and gambling (15 per cent), asking for bribes (10 per cent) and beating suspects (8 per cent).


Better start mass producing Hello Kitty armbands...

If I was an editor at a newspaper, after reading this poll, I would think that doing an investigation into the state of the police would make a good story.

But from the worthless Thai media, it just ain't going to happen.

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