Thursday, August 30, 2007

Deutsche Press Agentur via The Nation : Deposed premier Thaksin mulled government in exile

Jakrapob claimed Thaksin changed the idea after he received a telephone call from a mysterious person in Bangkok, Deutsche Press Agentur reported.

Former Thai Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra seriously considered setting up a government in exile after he was toppled by a military coup last year, a close aide to the deposed premier has revealed.

"Right after the coup of September 19, 2006, we planned to launch a government in exile but a telephone call from Bangkok changed all that," Jakrapob Penkair, a former deputy chief of staff to premier Thaksin, told the Foreign Correspondents Club of Thailand Wednesday night

When the crucial decision came, even he made the decision based on the patronage system," told correspondents in a prepared speech on "democracy versus patronage" in Thailand.


It might have been a member of the royal family(Queen, Crown Prince?) who called, because the king would never call himself. It could have been Prem, which would explain the protests, and there was the infamous Thaksin video at the airport, where he blames Prem.


sooksiam said...

It is amusing to see Fonzi making a big thing out of the comment by one of Thaksin’s puppets. How does anybody know that the one-time square-faced PM ever considered establishing a government in exile? Again, this could be merely a bogus idea to get attention from the media, or especially from Fonzi. If that really was the case, I would like to ask a Wiseman like Fonzi how the heck he and his puppets were going to run the government from another country. It is not only laughable to see Fonzi buying into Jakrapob’s claim, it is much worse that you, Fonzi, smear a mendacious accusation against Prem or a member of the royal family without having any solid evidence to support your condemnation.

One more hypocrisy from Fonzi?

Fonzi said...


1. The idea of a government in exile would have never worked. It is interesting news, so I blogged about it, sue me.

2. I didn't smear anybody. Jakrapob made the accusation. Not me. In the patronage system, there were not that many people higher than Thaksin, considering he was the prime minister. Who is higher than Thaksin?

The king, queen, crown prince, and Prem.

Logic, my dear Watson. Not a smear.

fall said...

If it's even true, I dont think it's Prem.
Jakrapob seem to have too much grudge on Prem to let it slide as "not mention".

If it's not Prem, perhap a new player might be reveal?

hobby said...

Rumour over at New Mandala has the initials of the mysterious caller as SS, if that helps in the speculation.

Fonzi said...


It could be Surakiat. He is related to the Royal Family by marriage.