Saturday, October 27, 2007

Malaysia Star: Is Bangkok Pundit Going Inter?

Bloggers fisk for answers


In this uncertain political climate in Bangkok, bloggers feel that mainstream media are not asking the right questions and demanding answers. Bloggers have taken to fisking, which is a blogosphere slang meaning taking apart, sentence by sentence, someone’s statement and pointing out where it is wrong.

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By the way, I get an honorable mention.

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sooksiam said...

I bet "the shark" is totally thrilled with being mentioned in the news. By the way, I wonder if the article touches upon the fact that some bloggers in Thailand, such as "Thailand Jumped the Manatee", got highly paid so as to sully many aspects of the country whether it be its social stability, politics or particularly the media. So far, these saboteurs seem to be carrying out an excellent job, especially Fonzi.