Wednesday, October 24, 2007

The Nation: PPP 'has proof' of foul play

Samak claims to have CNS letters on crippling party

The Nation

Samak Sundaravej yesterday produced two allegedly confidential documents linked to government leaders that he claimed were guidelines to scupper his People Power Party (PPP) ahead of the general election.

"I wonder why senior government officials dare to do such a shameful thing," Samak said at his Bangkok residence.

He said the documents were leaked by a state agency. The party had examined them and found them genuine, he said. The first document was dated Sept 14, the other dated Sept 26. But he refused to allow reporters to touch or closely examine the documents.

Deputy Prime Minister Sonthi Booyaratglin dismissed Samak's allegation. He said he had no idea about the leaked documents, which some said came from the Council for National Security (CNS). He said was no longer responsible since resigning as CNS chief.

CNS spokesman Colonel Sansern Kaewkamnerd dismissed the claim as "a political ploy" to discredit the military.

"We are not going to dance to this tune. If we do, there won't be an end to this. The best way is not to give the allegation much importance." He said an internal investigation would be conducted but its findings would not be made public.


I don't trust Samak, so I am skeptical.

If these documents are authentic and he is certain of their veracity, why doesn't he allow the media to examine them?

Why doesn't he throw them up on the internet so people can judge for themselves?

On the other hand, General Sonthi has made it clear that he will do whatever it takes to thwart the PPP in the next election.

What is disturbing to me is that last quote by Col Sansern.

Why dismiss the accusations as a "political ploy", then announce that you will have an investigation? That makes no sense at all.

It comes off as a non-denial denial. If you have seen or read "All the President's Men" then you know what that means.

In other words, Col Sansern didn't refute the authenticity of Samak's documents nor did he call Samak a liar.


fall said...

Is it not the same document that circulate around internet now?

My guess why Samak does not give to the press is:
1. The origin of document is unauthenticate (unknown or fake). Better to let the press get a hold by themselves and play the story than out right accusation that would be binding (National security).
2. Samak is waiting for Surayud inquiry, to play on Surayud's integrity of inquisiveness. Or just plain does not trust Sonthi.
3. Free publicity, Samak's specialty. Play that song, Sam.
4. Protect the source (witness).

But there had been document kind of like this before the referendum. It does not get much press attention either. So I guess this would also be fad away, or smother, as well.

Del said...

I guess I should not fault Fonzi for giving credence to Samak's wild claims. After all Fonzi also gives credence to Thaksin's claims that he is NOT a fugitive from justice, Thaksin was not Thailand's police death squad maestro, Thaksin was NOT a tax cheat or Thailand's Mother of all Corruption, and Thaksin had not engaged in Khmer or Myanmar black voodoo, whatever public evidence to the contrary.

Doug Scott said...

svl: It looks like "Samak's wild claims" have their basis in truth with the PM confirming that the document does exist. So you probably should credit Fonzi for good analysis. It is good to see that bloggers like Fonzi and the Bangkok Pundit base their postings on research rather than regurgitating PAD propaganda.