Saturday, November 10, 2007

Bangkok Post: General Sonthi Doesn't Rule Out Coup If He Doesn't Like the Results of the Election

Sonthi plays coup card

Bangkok Post

Coup leader Sonthi Boonyaratkalin refused to rule out staging another coup d'etat if the People Power party (PPP) loyal to ex-premier Thaksin Shinwatra wins the election on December 23.

"It is a future matter that we shall have to wait and see," Deputy Prime Minister Sonthi said when he was asked whether a coup will be staged if PPP gets to form a new government.

The military's definition of Thai democracy: Throw a coup when you don't get the politicians you like into power.


Greg said...

Every time I think Sonthi could not be more nauseating, he proves me wrong.

I think they could go two ways with this. One, they could build a "If PPP win there will be another coup" atmosphere to scare people off them. Two, they simply do everything they can to stop PPP winning, but if they fail then they use the coup as a back up. If option two is true, this would explain why Sonthi is already making veiled threats.

What do you think?

Fonzi said...

I agree with both one and two.

They will use propaganda and the bureaucracy to prevent PPP from winning.

If PPP wins, despite their efforts, there will be another coup.

I bet there are contingency plans already in place.