Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Bangkok Post: General Sonthi's Sophisticated Analysis of International Terrorism

Sonthi: Separatist movements part of int'l terror network

Bangkok Post


''This results from blurred borders, racism and new conflicts that emerged after the Cold War and include terrorism. Terrorist groups are connected worldwide and need not have a common goal or end-result,'' Gen Sonthi told the gathering of Asean army chiefs.


He urged Southeast Asian armies to cooperate because terrorist groups are linked and their threats are complicated.


He saw post-Cold War threats in the forms of various uses of information and said Thailand is facing an influx of such information.

Unlike Singapore, he said, Thailand did not cope actively with the misuse of information.

Double WTF?

Besides information, terrorism is also facilitated by the free movements of people and funds. As a result, regional armies needed to improve and cooperate with one another, Gen Sonthi said.

Is it my imagination or do all Thai politicos sound like they have IQs less than 60?

To be fair to General Sonthi, this strange report could be the result of poor editing that you typically see in both English dailies. However, General Sonthi sounds like an idiot every time he makes a public statement, so this is what he probably said.

Anyway, this could be an important admission. But how can you tell because of the piss poor editing job? If Sonthi really believes that there is an international terrorist network operating in the South, that could have world-wide implications. The official Thai position has been that the problems in the South are an internal affair. Now it is a regional conflict and he is calling for international cooperation? WTF?

As for General Sonthi's analysis for the causes of the terrorism, who knows what the hell he means? Sometimes I don't get the Thai media, I really don't. If I were the editor of this piece, I would ask my reporter, " What the hell is General Sonthi talking about? He is babbling about racism and information? I don't get it." And if my reporter didn't know, I would have him call General Sonthi for a clarification, so that the story would make sense.

The one thing I know for sure: The Bangkok Post doesn't give a shit about clarity, facts and proper editing of important news stories.


Red and White said...

I wonder if Sonthi has been top man for so long now that nobody has been able to say to him: "Sir! I'm sorry sir but you are just talking pure drivel sir!". He seems to be getting more and more obscure and delusional by the week.

Jessdikenya said...

Fonz? You've been writing YOUR lonely version of what's between the lines for about a year and now the BKK Post spells it out right in front of you and you are stymied.

One is left to consider if you are even capable of dressing yourself in the morning.

Here, let me help you get dressed:

...after the Cold War:::blurred borders:::terrorism is facilitated by the free movements of people and funds:::Terrorist groups are connected:::worldwide terrorist groups are linked:their threats are complicated:::post-Cold War threats:::gathering of Asean army chiefs:::regional armies needed to cooperate with one another.

There. Don't you look stylish?! Hold on. You got a little something hanging from your nose... There you go.

Now, when you have figured out how to tie your own shoes, do respond. If/when you can't figure out how to tie them, just blog out three or four long posts to bury your embarassment under "older posts"

Look sharp, now.

Fonzi said...


What are you babbling about?

Like the Bangkok Post and General Sonthi, you can't string together a coherent sentence either.

Please, Jess, using the text of the Bangkok Post article, explain General Sonthi's policy for international terrorism.

Tell me how the Bangkok Post spells it all out.

wadowad said...

" explain General Sonthi's policy for international terrorism"

How dare you say that General Sonthi is for international terrorism?!!!

You expect me to believe that you've tied your own shoes?

Look! Your fly is open.

How embarrassing for you.

wadowad said...

Well? Do you actually think Gen. Sonthi is pro international terrrorism?

Are we all to believe that you're nothing more than blog hack?

Not even a BKK Post hack would write such a statement. Do you not agree?

It's all good. You can dress down for this one.

Fonzi said...

Hey Wad-

I'm sorry. I didn't want to embarrass you because of your horrible English comprehension skills, which is why I didn't respond.

I never said General Sonthi was an advocate for international terrorism.

If you had a basic understanding of the English language, you would have understood that the first time.