Monday, January 7, 2008

Alternative Version of the Shooting of the Canadian Man (Another Reason the Thai Media Can't Be Trusted)

Deadly Thai shooting unprovoked, says injured Canadian victim


A B.C. woman shot in Thailand has contradicted an official Thai police report into the shooting death of her Calgary companion, saying they were attacked for no reason.

Thai police on Monday said John Leo Del Pinto, 25, died early Sunday of two gunshot wounds — one to the face and one to the torso — and his pregnant partner, Carly Reisig was in hospital with a bullet wound in her body.

Police said the pair, who lived in the town of Mae Hong Son, had a fight while drinking at a bar. The fight escalated outside and turned physical when a police officer tried to intervene, said Col. Sombat Panya of Pai district in northern Mae Hong Son.

The officer involved, Sgt. Uthai Dechawiwat, told Thai investigators the pair attacked him when he tried to intervene, and that his gun "accidentally went off" three times as he tried to defend himself.

But Reisig contradicted the official police report Monday, telling a reporter in Thailand that an undercover officer attacked them for no reason.

Cindy Tilney, a reporter with Thai website Citylife Chang Mai, visited Reisig in hospital, where the Canadian is in stable condition with a bullet wound to her chest.

Tilney said Reisig is in shock and upset over the shootings, which she said started when she and Del Pinto left a bar. Reisig, who denied being pregnant, said she arrived in Thailand several days ago to visit Del Pinto, who she said was her ex-boyfriend and good friend.

Reisig said she and Del Pinto were not fighting when they left the bar and passed an undercover officer while walking to another part of town. She said the man rushed up and hit her and that Del Pinto subsequently shoved the man.

Reisig told Tilney she had her face "painted" and believes that may have angered the man.

According to Reisig, the man then rushed to a nearby motorcycle and retrieved a gun. Del Pinto and the man struggled for control of the gun before the man shot them both, she said.

Reisig said she has spoken with Del Pinto's family in Calgary and they were very upset.

Tilney said the police officer has been charged with manslaughter but is not being held in custody. The town's police chief said suspects who admit guilt are allowed to be released before their trials.

Here is another indictment of the Thai media.

Pregnant by a Thai man? Another fabrication.

Notice the last sentence, which is a total fabrication. Suspects who admit guilt are not allowed to roam free before trial. If he admitted guilt, there is no need for a trial.

This could turn into a huge international incident if the police and media continue to act like buffoons and lie and cover-up like they usually do.

Update: Kudos to The Nation for publishing an alternative story here.


Rikker said...

That's just disgraceful.

And in one account the police claimed the bullet grazed the woman's leg but did not hurt her unborn baby... turns out there is no baby and she was shot in the chest.

Thanks for the coverage.

BangkokAl said...

I don't see any reports from Thai media at all, only your criticism of Thai media reports. From what you have presented, the lying, cheating, scummy media are Americans of Associated Press???

But I did love your line that an admission of guilt means there is no need for a trial. Good stuff.

Django Peg said...

wow! Kudos for The Nation! Whatever next Fonzi?!!

(c) 2016 Written by Andrew Batt said...

I really hope the CityLife reporter (assuming she is a non-Thai) has all her proper journalistic accreditation in order. As I recall CityLife is very much a lifestyle magazine - and I'm sure this reporter's version of events is likely to cause he and her publisher some pretty close scrutiny.