Thursday, January 17, 2008

"Not the Nation" and Tulsie

This May Not Be True But We'll Report It Anyway

Not the Nation

In the depths of the esteemed editorial halls of NTN, we have concocted a conspiracy theory that sounds ridiculous even to us—so ridiculous, in fact, that it would be a journalist disservice to our readers to keep it to ourselves.

Do we believe it’s true? Of course not. But we have a policy here to tell you the truth, lies and everything in between.

After all, that’s what we ascribe to at NTN. The information we print may not be accurate. But it is true that someone has told us the information we are printing, and in these crazy times we believe that spreading and perpetuating rumors is our public duty.

Read the rest of this hilarious piss take here.

Now, compare to Tulsie's idiotic column this week:

One last conspiracy theory for you to ponder

Tulsathit Taptim

The Nation

The following conspiracy theory is based on four major things: the very subdued celebration on the part of Thaksin Shinawatra, the apparent calmness among the men who brought him down, last shreds of faith in guys like Snoh Thienthong, and the fact that Pojaman Shinawatra has had to surrender her passport upon her return to Thailand.

It surely will sound very far-fetched to you, and I have had great difficulty taking in this scenario myself. However, like I said in my political FAQs last week, we will share with you anything worth sharing, be it information or even speculation. In a state of flux like this, pundits either read too much or too little into every development.

The theory's tag line can't be simpler: everything in the wake of the December 23 election is a set-up. In other words, Thaksin and his wife are being lured into a trap. They are about to walk toward great danger that even a bigger election victory can't protect them from: the uncompromising stand of Thai judges.


Not the Nation really has been on fire lately.

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