Saturday, February 9, 2008

PPP Seeks to Purge TPBS of Thepchai and Fellow Thaksin Haters

Jakrapob says he will review TPBS establishment

The Nation

PM's Office Minister Jakrapob Penkair said Friday that he will review the establishment of the Thai PBS channel.

Jakrapob, who supervises the state electronic media, said the government support the idea of public service broadcasting television but he saw that the way the current Thai PBS channel was set up was not right.

He said it would be too soon to say how he would change the station's structure but he would come up with details on how to change it within two months.

He said he was satisfied with the TPBS up to a level but he would like the station to review its operation methods such as measures for screening staff.

He said he would set up a committee to review the station and the committee would comprised with capable journalists who have not involved in political conflicts and have academic knowledge and vision.

Normally, I would at least give Thepchai a few months to prove himself at TPBS. But when you consider that he and his brother haven't even given the new government a chance to perform without referring to it as the "nominee" or "ugly" government, then I say screw them.

Besides, it was sneaky how the Surayud installed Thepchai as director of TPBS just a few days before the new government was scheduled to come into power.

Regardless, Thepchai is a partisan. He unashamedly took sides and benefited from when the junta was in power. There should be an effort to make TPBS as neutral as possible.


Unknown said...

And, of course, Jakraphob won't fill the station with pro-Thaksin lackeys and he won't threaten reprisals if the news shows the PPP and Frank in anything other than a positive light. You see, Jakraphob and all the ex-TRT propagandist bullies have changed since the coup. They're all fair-minded people now, willing to allow free and balanced coverage, even if it is detrimental to Frank. TPBS is not going to be iTV, folks. Fonzi will see to that. Fonzi will ensure TPBS doesn't stand for Thaksin's Public Bullsh*t Service.

fall said...

Oi, what happen to Colonel's Jeru blog? Did he got bomb in the south or something?

The problem with fair TV is that all government WILL try to interfere. A wild idea would be a free flow, but balance, of information. Put ASTV on, along with PTV. Then the neutral TV could focus on just being neutral.

Red and White said...

Ahhhh I get it! It's OK for you to spit vitriol at TN because it's your opinion, but when others do it, they should be removed because it ISN'T in line with your opinion.

You're starting to sound like the UK far left.