Thursday, March 6, 2008

PAD Idiocy and Temper Tantrumocracy

PAD Threatens War

Bangkok Post

The anti-Thaksin Shinawatra People's Alliance for Democracy declared on Wednesday that the country had returned to a "lawless era" and predicted the government will sponsor a military coup.


Key leaders of the PAD met at Baan Phra Arthit for the second time since the new government was sworn in.

The six-party coalition government led by the pro-Thaksin People Power party "has looked down on Thai people" with a series of actions which the PAD has decided it must fight, a statement declared.

According to the PAD, the government has put into action a master that seeks to "whitewash" all criminal charges against ex-premier Thaksin and his family.

PAD doing what it does best. Trumping up conspiracy theories that it can't prove.

The government intends to provoke unrest, the group claimed, in order to trigger a controversial new national security law passed by the military junta just before it left office last year.

If the PAD prediction comes true, the government will invoke the new National Security Act and take over the armed forces with Thaksin-friendly generals. Then it will dismiss all charges against Mr Thaksin, and cancel all trials.

What bloody idiocy! Let us follow this lame logic: Before the election, the junta, Thaksin's enemy, passed a law to give the military power to interfere in politics. Now, the PPP will provoke unrest(whatever that means) in order to use new powers given to the military-- even though PPP controls the government and the military re-shuffles-- to bring about about a national security crisis, so that PPP can replace the pro-junta generals with pro-Thaksin generals. And all of this conspiring just to get a land deal charge against Thaksin dismissed.

There is no need to conspire. PPP already controls the government. It can change the military brass legally!

And what does the military have to do with the judicial system? Is the PAD is admitting that the military controls the judiciary and that trials are nothing but a farce to begin with?

In case that conspiracy is a wrong guess, PAD had a fallback:

"If the above mentioned prediction is wrong, there would be a charter amendment to whitewash Mr Thaksin and his family without having to go to court."

The government is going to amend the constitution just to get Thaksin off on a land deal?

It is far from clear how much support the PAD has, or if it could successfully muster protests. Two years ago, PAD could call up to half a million middle-class Bangkokians to the street for an anti-Thaksin rally, but there is little sign that it has that support any longer.

Maybe PAD no longer has support because it leaders are morons who only care about getting their names in the papers and making lame accusations that they can't prove.

According to the PAD statement issued Wednesday, the government has disrespected the country by:

* Appointing persons with tainted image as cabinet ministers and House Speaker.

The House Speaker quit. Justice is taking its course. What does the PAD want? blood?

* Quickly transferring high ranking government officials, particularly the former director general of the Department of Special Investigation, in order to obstruct and interfere with the justice system to help whitewash former prime minister Thaksin Shinawatra and his family from criminal charges.

No evidence.

* Removing senior police officers including the police chief to pave the way for Pol Gen Priewphan Damapong, brother of Khunying Potjaman, Mr Thaksin’s wife, to become the new head of the national police bureau in the near future.

Every new government has a right to replace the top dogs in the old government. The PAD wasn't crying when the junta replaced the Thaksinistas with juntanistas after the coup.

* Unjustified transferring of the secretary general of the Food and Drug Administration and director general of the Public Relations Department.

The PAD will go to the streets so that the FDA can steal drugs from the US? Nice.

* Preventing people from receiving accurate news and information by sending signals to interrupt the broadcasts of ASTV, a satellite-based TV station run by a key leader of the PAD and founder of Manager Groups, Sondhi Limthongkul, and,

Isn't ASTV illegal? Didn't hear the PAD crying when the junta shut down all the pro-Thaksin stations.

* Preparing to legalise casinos for huge amounts of benefit without caring that it would destroy the country’s culture and morality.

Whether you agree with gambling or not, the legalization of gambling is a legitimate public policy issue.

Instead of throwing a temper tantrum every time it doesn't get its way, maybe the PAD should actually use the democratic process to express its political concerns.

The PPP has been only in power for a few weeks, it hasn't even passed any major legislation, and yet the Thaksin haters and conspiracy kooks are all out in force to bring the government down. Hell, the Senate hasn't even been installed yet.

Why not at least wait for PPP to act before all the haters come out of the woodwork to oppose it?


Red and White said...

Even if they did cite some evidence, would you accept it?

sooksiam said...

Fonzi, my little teddy bear, the PPP, as a new government, has the right to replace whoever they want in the old government or even present a job to anyone they like, for example, giving a career to one of Chalerm’s daring sons. Is that right? I didn’t see you making a fuss about this.

PS, I miss you.

ikkyu said...

There's nothing wrong with their declaration
"lawless era has returned".

PAD has returned, lawless era has returned.

That's make very much sense.