Saturday, April 5, 2008

Khun Wan Yoobamrung: Please Don't Squeeze the Charmin

Mr "Happy Toilet" Wan

The Nation

The Public Health Ministry Friday appointed Wan Yoobamrung "Mr Happy Toilet" to promote a campaign for clean public toilets.

"I dreamt when I was a child that if I ever worked here at the Public Health Ministry I would make all the toilets in the country flush toilets," Wan says.

I wonder if he will hire an army of public health workers to clean up the paw, ahem, foot prints off the toilet seats.

In related news, Khun Wan has announced that behind every toilet will be a gun:

"One of my favorite movies is The Godfather. I particularly like the scene when Michael Corleone takes the hidden gun from behind the toilet and comes out screaming "don't you know who my father is" and starts blasting his enemies.

"I think every nightclub should have a gun behind the toilet, then if anybody steps on me or my brothers, we can kill them after taking a much needed piss. This will save my father the cost of hiring bodyguards to take the fall for us."

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