Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Narcissistic Thai Media Intimidated by Photo Taking

Reporters cry foul

The Nation

More than 30 Parliament reporters asked House Speaker Chai Chidchob on Tuesday to strictly enforce parliamentary rules following an incident on Monday when leaders of the Democratic Alliance Against Dictatorship (DAAD) intimidated them during a press conference at Parliament.


Tension built up as DAAD leader Suchart Nakbangsai took a photograph of reporters during the press conference as the group denied any connection with a minor clash at the People's Alliance for Democracy rally on Sunday. The reporters claim the action was a threat to freedom of the press.

Just how stupid are these reporters? I'll answer that. Very stupid.

Suchart isn't part of any security apparatus of the government. He is a Thai citizen. Taking pictures of "reporters" isn't intimidation by any stretch of the imagination.

Quite frankly, Thai news photographers are intimidating. They have no shame. They will trample on anybody to get a photo. Just watch the news every night and you'll get the picture.

And those on the Thai celebrity news circuit are even worse than the western paparazzi.

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