Monday, June 9, 2008

British English Teacher Source of Lese Majeste Troubles for Jakrapob and J Head

Watanasak, a 'typical Thai'

The policeman who laid the lese majeste complaint against politician Jakrapob did not anticipate the impact

Anucha Charoenpo

Bangkok Post


Mr Khan, a former English teacher for police at the Special Branch Police and the Crime Suppression Division, listened to Mr Jakrapob at the FCCT that night.

The 42-year-old British citizen later translated the speech into Thai and submitted the paper to many police, but none were prepared to file a complaint against Mr Jakrapob.

Mr Khan, who accompanied Pol Lt-Col Watanasak to an interview with the Bangkok Post, said he could not sit back and watch Mr Jakrapob show disrespect to the monarchy and looking down on the Thai attitude towards the monarchy.

"I have been living in Thailand for 20 years. I have never heard any Thai speak like Mr Jakrapob before. Worse, he spoke in front of foreign reporters who are ready to write it and spread it out to the world," he said.

Mr Khan said Mr Jakrapob's speech was not only offensive to the monarchy, "but also insulting to Thais, their culture, society".

"Mr Jakrapob is a Thai national. He should not have made such a remark, which I find really disgusting," said Mr Khan, who works as a freelance translator and reporter.

Mr Khan said it was hard to convince any police he knew to take legal action against Mr Jakrapob. This was probably because they were afraid of political influence.

Got to love it when idiotic foreigners promote monarchical correctness in Thailand.

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