Saturday, July 5, 2008

Crazy Bank Lady Abusing Cop


Excerpt from The Nation

Here's the exchange translated from Khao Sod (based on the video clip).

The policeman: "Can I see your ID and driver's licence."

The lady: "I don't have them. I didn't bring my purse. I am late for work. Do you get it?"

The police: "You shouldn't have this attitude. You violated the traffic rules."

The lady: "Why don't you write me a traffic ticket. I will ask my dad to deal with it … What's your name? Come on ... I'm late for work"

The police: "You have to give me your driver's licence before you go."

The lady still refused. The policeman gave up. Then, the officer used his digital camera to record her (in fact, the incident was being recorded before that point) and let her go.

I think the video is hilarious. I think the Thai police could make a fortune making videos like these and throwing them up on the internet.

BTW, what's up with the cell phone? I thought that was illegal also.

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Charles Edward Frith said...

I'm not sure the translation is accurate. The policeman does say "please speak politely anyway"

Brilliant video in anycase.