Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Sondhi and Chamlong's Thugocracy

Protesters storm into NBT station on Vipavadi road

By The Nation

Electricity at NBT cut off, all broadcast programmes suspended

Protesters led by People's Alliance for Democracy managed to break police corridor to enter compound of the National Broadcasting Television on Vipavadi Rangsit Road on Tuesday.

Some 2,000 protesters pushed the entrance gate where police line tried to push back. Finally the protesters managed to push down the gate and entered the compound.

The electricity was cut off, resulting in all programmes to be suspended at 8.30am.


The group, comprising about 60 men, covered their faces with black pieces of cloths and dressed in black t-shirt and jeans.

Two NBT television hosts said in a news television programme at about 6.10am that police found a handgun and long knives from the group.

The group also broke a glass door in their way to go to the station's building. They separated into several groups and went into the station. NBT staffs were told to leave the office.

The Nation


News anchorman Kitti punched by protesters

Kitti said he went to observe around the People's Alliance for Democracy's rally this morning because he had long good relationship with the PAD's leaders.

He did not think any bad thing would have happened to him. he was hit by a punch and poured water on.

However, when the protesters saw him, they booed at him before tried to hurt him.

Kitti said the protesters misunderstood that guards of People's Alliance for Democracy took him into their custody so many attacked him by pouring water on him and booing him

The Nation


Protesters led by the People's Alliance for Democracy (PAD) seized the office of Finance Ministry on Rama VI road at 11.39am Tuesday.

The protesters broke the fourth door of the office of Bureau of the Budget at the ministry and raid into the ministry.

It was the second government agencies seized by the protest after the protester had seized the NBT channel early Tuesday morning.

The Nation


An announcer of NBT said protesters were still detaining several female officials of the station.

Broadcast from a special mobile broadcast unit, Tuangporn Assawawilai called on PAD leaders to secure release of the female officials from the station urgently.

The Nation


At 11.15 am, protesters led by the People's Alliance for Democracy have broken passed the headquarters gate of Metropolitan Police Bureau on Sri Ayutthaya Road.

Metropolitan Police commissioner Lt General Asawin Kwanmuang is trying to negotiate with protesters to back out of the police commound and not raid the headquarters building.

The Nation


This is a fascist movement. Of course, because this is Thailand and an Asian country on the periphery of world affairs, nobody will care.

But this is what fascism looks like in the 21st century.


Nuno Caldeira da Silva said...

I like your Slogan Thugocrats. What I condemn is the use of the D on their slogan. What kind of Democrats are thes people that are leading a mob into a disaster for thr Nation. Is this their ONLY and UNIQUE work for this Nation? How can these people say that they are loyal to HM the King? They are a disgrace for this country. Wher can anyone find a proposal from them to the benefit of the Thai people. Only against everything and everyone

Sebastien Marion said...

Thailand is broken, and all of those taking part in this struggle should feel great shame for what is and has taken place. Is there no concept of democracy, security, respect for the electoral process and suffrage (the right to vote). Averaging a coup every 2-3 years for decades is disgraceful. No leader can take pride in this reality. No less, I do not think the future will be as forgiving for Thailand. The business community should understand this very clearly, as they continue to watch other countries in the world advance and move forward.