Friday, October 31, 2008

Controversial Somchai Video


The footage, shot by an unknown cameraman between March 22 and 27 this year, has become the talk of the town - probably because the man in it looks very much like the embattled Prime Minister Somchai Wongsawat, a brother-in-law of Thaksin Shinawatra.

The clip is presented in four parts. The first, taken on March 22, shows the man picking up a woman in her 20s, in front of a convenience store, in his red Mercedes.

The couple have dinner at a restaurant serving southern-style Thai dishes, giving more fuel to those who believe the man is Mr Somchai, who is a native of Nakhon Si Thammarat.

The second part features the same man driving a BMW to a love motel after picking up another woman from a house on March 24.

In the third part, the man, who is wearing eyeglasses, is shown parking his white Lexus SUV at a restaurant where he has lunch with his wife, according to a female narrator who called the man the "target".

The "wife" in the footage looks like Mr Thaksin's younger sister, Yaowapa.

The final part was taken on March 27 when the target picked up a woman at the Justice Ministry on Chaengwattana road for lunch, and then went to HomePro department store where they bought a refrigerator.

Text courtesy of Bangkok Post

I don't see anything incriminating here. It looks like a random video of a Chinese Bangkokian having a typical day.


Unknown said...

Of course you don't see anything wrong with it, Fonzi. Your sense of morals are very selective, after all. The videos, it must be said, prove nothing conclusive, and in the context of Thai society, they are pretty much a damp squib. In your tiny mind though, Fonzi, because it's not Chamlong or Sondhi, this downgrades its importance. So who cares but you? Huh? This is not a country where cigars and political interns figure in anything important. What would interest me more is a video of a certain "gentleman in London" playing golf with a lady named Lydia and trying to find their balls in the rough. Anyone got one?

Anonymous said...

Cheating on his wife by Thailand's Prime Minister Suwat could certainly be viewed by many, including Fonzi, as a minor fault and hardly criminal.

But CHEATING is certainly a pattern common among the Thaksin clan, in-laws included. Cheating on taxes, self-serving manipulation of government contracts/auctions for huge profits, mafia-like collusion to get a lock on government deals and government contracts-padding for their 30% take-it-or-leave-it cut . . . . so cheating on one's spouse would be a hohum issue I suppose, from Fonzi's viewpoint.