Friday, October 17, 2008

Not the Nation: Queen's Royal Graciousness Extended

HM the Queen to Preside Over 18,300 Funerals of Victims of War on Drugs, Southern Insurgency, Poverty, Chalerm’s Sons

Not the Nation

BANGKOK – In a follow-up to this week’s decision to attend the cremation of Angkana Radubpanya-avut, who was killed when police dispersed anti-government protesters near the Parliament on October 7, Her Majesty The Queen has decided to also attend the funerals or funeral anniversaries of every other innocent victim of the failures of the state government and the patronage system over the last ten years.

“Her Majesty is very concerned about the welfare of the people of Thailand, and any suffering they have experienced,” said a royal spokesperson. “And since the Royal Family is completely non-political, it is only right that she distribute her sympathy to all victims equally.”

Starting in November, Her Majesty will begin a tour of the entire Kingdom, presiding over the funerals and anniversary observances of approximately 18,300 Thais known to have died at the hands of the police, the Army, paramilitary forces, Muslim insurgents, assassins working for corrupt businessmen, hazardous working conditions caused by abused labor laws, malnutrition due to insufficient welfare programs, and Interior Minister Chalerm Yoobamrung’s two homicidal sons Duang and Wan.

The first event which will be blessed by The Queen’s attendance will be the funeral of Jaruek Rangcharon, the Matichon reporter who was shot on September 27 while investigating local government corruption in Suphanburi. The Queen hopes that her presence will demonstrate that the royal family has never accepted corruption and fully endorses a free and aggressive investigative press.

Next, the Queen will attend a memorial service for lawyer Somchai Neelaphaijit, who disappeared in 2004 while providing legal representation for accused Muslim insurgents in the South. While Her Majesty is there, she will also attend memorial services for the 85 people who were killed by the government in Tak Bai the same year. According to the spokesperson, Her Majesty wishes to express her complete solidarity with the Muslim population of the Thailand and show her intolerance of state-sponsored use of excessive force.

I wonder how much of that graciousness will be extended to the 3 police officers who were murdered in cold blood by the PAD.

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