Friday, November 7, 2008

PAD Dictates to the Royal Family Which Roads to Use During Royal Procession

The Royal Family will use Larn Luang Road to travel from the Chitralada Palace to participate in the royal cremation of the late princess, HRH Princess Galyani Vadhana, police said.

The Royal Household Bureau and police agreed Thursday that the Larn Luang Road would be used instead of Rajdamnone Road after the People's Alliance for Democracy would not stop blocking the road.

The Nation

This is really sick. The PAD prevents parliament from convening; now it dictates to the royal family its procession route during its time of mourning and grief for the king's sister.

These thugs have no shame.

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davidb98 said...

seems the PAD are digging their own grave

are they still hoping to provoke the police to try to move them?

I hope the government and police continue to ignore them... let them fade ignominiously

and delay negotiations because at this stage all they want is to arrange amnesty for themselves