Saturday, November 8, 2008

Thaksin Banned From the UK and Lack of Credibility in theThai Media

Both The Nation and the Bangkok Post are reporting that Thaksin had his visa revoked while abroad.

UK cancels visas of Thaksin, wife

The Nation

The decision was made by the United Kingdom Border Agency, and the notification email was signed by Bangkok-based Immigration Liaison Manager Andy Gray.

The email read:

"Dear All,

The United Kingdom Border Agency has revoked the UK visas held by the following Thai nations:

Thaksin Shinawatra. Thai Passport Number D215863

Potjaman Shinawatra. Thai Passport Number D206635

The UK visas contained in the passports of the individuals listed above are no longer valid for travel.

Airlines are advised not to carry these passengers to the UK"

*** end *****

Here is the Bangkok Post story.

A lot of the foreign media and new wires are picking up the story as it was published in The Nation.

Are these people idiots? The Nation and Bangkok Post should never be considered primary sources for any news, especially regarding Thaksin and the use of anonymous resources.

The Nation already lied when it said that Thaksin officially applied for asylum.

The UK should confirm or deny. There are heaps of stories out there of the government denying entry to people. That said, it looks like there is cause to deny the Shinawatras entry for being convicted criminals. However, it seems unusual to be denied while outside the country instead of at the port.

Personally, I won't believe the story unless the UK or Thaksin deny or confirm.


Unknown said...

Fonzi, don't be such a lazy bone and said you just didn't believe it. don't let your fans down. Try something!!!!

no wonder why i don't see any critical comment nowaday. You're the champion of democracy and free speech advocate... Or you were??

Anonymous said...

Fonzi we disagree on lots of things and our politics are just poles apart. And despite this, I surprise myself why I am drawn to visit your blog site with some frequency.

Perhaps it is because I can agree with you that there is a lot of dishonesty going on in Thailand. And probably every single Thai newspaper had perpetrated, and continue to perpetrate, this culture of dishonesty and lies responsible for the growing tentacles of dark influences touching every Thai. Is that the warning of Thai fascism you keep hollering about . . . I wonder?

I am now beginning to realize, my own epiphany so to speak, that the real threat to an ordinary Thai citizen comes NOT from Thaksin nor Sondhi nor their clones and wannabes. The real threat and danger to an ordinary Thai comes from a systemic failure because of Thailand's institutionalized corruption that is pervasive and entrenched.

Millions of people (the Reds), including Thailand's largest political party, would incredulously continue to cheer on shameless Thaksin and his wife, despite their convictions and record of criminal abuses and divisive bent, does underscore the pervasiveness I speak about. Millions that oppose(the so-called Yellows), on the other, are also being willingly led by a bankrupt Sondhi L. whose politics similarly foment divisiveness as venomous as the Reds - - - corrupting reason and feeding on mass fear and panic.

Yet the ordinary Thai does not gain to profit nor improve his meager life from whoever wins the poisoned clash of mob-wills of the Reds or the Yellows, come what.

Whoever wins, the corruption multi-headed monster in Thailand will continue to grow. The police and army mafia will continue to thrive with their protection rackets and drugs and prostitution and gambling rackets. Border and precinct policemen will continue to make false arrests and false confessions, fabricate false evidence to convict innocents while corrupt or weak or intimidated judges accommodates . . . Those men in uniforms and those men with titles and medals exploit, abuse and disrespect the very people needing their protection and help.

Everyone is a victim in Thailand.

(Forgive my volubility Fonzi . . too much beer I guess)

Unknown said...

OK, Fonzi. Are you on holidays? Since you're so lazy, I give you this link to work on it (Knowing you prefer the foreign press to English press in thailand).

Unknown said...

Maybe Sondhi is Khmer? Many khmers hate Thailand.