Thursday, December 25, 2008

Bangkok Post's Typical Hypocrisy


Bangkok Post


It is nevertheless disturbing that while the country is painstakingly picking up the pieces left behind by two dysfunctional governments in a row, the pro-Thaksin United Front of Democracy against Dictatorship is waging a war of attrition against the new government under the flimsy pretext that it is protecting democracy. Their anti-government rally planned for Sunday in which a veiled threat has been made that the protesters may lay siege to the parliament on Monday is uncalled for, especially at this juncture when the foremost priority for all, be they yellow or red shirts or non-partisan, is to help bring the country through the economic storm. Their planned "show of force" is just another desperate self-serving exercise for the good of just one individual.

Yeah, where was the Bangkok Post when the PAD decided to take over Government House and the airport?

I always find it refreshing that the pro-PAD forces in the media, who have made excuses for the PAD's thuggery and violence, seem to always call for peace and unity now that they have succeeded in defeating their enemies through a silent coup.

Since the Bangkok Post was at the forefront of defending the PAD's crimes in the name of peaceful civil disobedience, it really should remain silent if the Red Shirts decided to deploy the same methods.

The PAD opened a can of worms. They took politics into the gutter. The press that supported this type of gutter politics should live with the consequences of the Frankenstein monster they created.

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