Friday, December 19, 2008

Lalida on The Nation's Propaganda

From Khun Lalida at The Nation Blog:

Ever since Abhisit’s been nominated as the 27th Prime Minister of this country, I’ve been following the writings of reports and opinions on most of the news websites lately and it occurs to me how horrific it is of their moving pens or their Microsoft multimedia keyboards. They can put you up like a Star and be worshipped or they can drive you off the cliff.

Let’s not go too far out and look at the Nation recent front page. All I see nowadays are pictures of the nominated PM Abhisit in England with his school mates, pictures of him meeting the business sectors, diplomats and pictures of him as if they want to cast him as Obama. Articles after articles about his educational background, how smart and intelligent he is, how gentle and nice he is and even open letter to him from foreigners was posted. The worst they have said was how tough of a challenge he's going to get. The most amazing thing is, not one of Abhisit cabinet as they predicted was criticized of their abilities for the post, is it that real that every single one of them are as capable as they’re assigned? They didn't even mentioned one word about the predicted Foreign minister Mr. Kasit as one of the regular speaker on a PAD stage not to mention he hailed the shutdown of the airports by the PAD. It sure looks to me some Media in this country are really siding with their own preference no matter how they got on to that powerful seat.

Now let’s compare it with the last 2 elected PMby the people that we HAD, I really don’t remember if they ever had any pictures posted as the same quality as the present nominated PM, I think the most positive ones I saw was Samak doing his morning inspection in the market and as for Somchai the caption is always “Thaksin’s brother in Law”…..As for articles and reports, do I need to go any further? And as for their cabinet members, well, you tell me….

The more I think about them, the more horrified I am. With their pens and keyboards they can turn you into dog shit or they can turn you into the prince of Bel-Air. Just look at all those Idol singers, they can make millions and billion of bth just by the media's moving pens and if they don’t watch their step to get down on their knees when a reporter approach them, they better start kissing their money and fame goodbye. I’ve seen politician condemning their own kind, I’ve seen movie stars criticize fellow actors and actresses, I’ve seen people pointing fingers at powerful people, elites and many other important people in a society but I seldom see anyone points fingers at the media of their wrong doing. Are they really that powerful? Are they really that powerful that they can bring anyone up or down? Do they really have that ability to put you up the sky or drive you off the cliff? Sure they get sued but how many of them didn’t get away with it? Look at ASTV owned by Sondhi, what have so far happened to him, sentenced to Jail term and still be able to turn our country into the present status being one of the main core of the terrorist, got arrested again and set free with a minimum bail. Even our forth coming nominated PM wouldn't dare to touch him or spell out his name. Is it really our judiciary system or is it because he's a member of the media? Is he more powerful then our nominated PM, the Military and the Police force?

Yes, I couldn't agree more. The Nation is nothing but a shameless propaganda pimp for the PAD and the Democrat Party. Generally, the Thai media is a disgrace. And the last 5-6 years have proven this to be true.

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Unknown said...

Wow. A Nation reporter with grit? They should have her stuffed.

It occurred to me though, that she could equally well be talking about the Sun in the UK.