Friday, December 5, 2008

My Solution to the Crisis

This is my solution to the crisis based upon democratic principles and the rule of law.

Parliament should be dissolved and new elections should be held, but with a few caveats:

a) The PAD promises never to use violence, force and/or terrorism again when it exercises its right to protest.

b) The PAD promises to field candidates in the next election. In other words, it needs to put its money, effort and time where its mouth is. If it is truly representative of all the people, like it claims, then it needs to get elected and prove it to Thailand and the rest of the world.

c) The PAD promises to acknowledge and respect the results of the election if it loses.

d) The Thai media needs to join forces and have election observers placed all around the country to investigate so-called patronage politics and vote-buying.

e) International elections observers need to be brought into the country to observe the election.

f) All junta appointed people who control the courts and investigative agencies should resign.

g) Thaksin should "voluntarily" stay in exile in perpetuity and promise not to interfere.

h) All the ridiculous (collective punishment) clauses in the constitution need to amended.

i) All political parties need to make a commitment to Thailand's democratic development in the spirit of the 1997 Constitution.

j) The military promises that it will never stage a coup again.

k) There will be a concerted effort made to give the poor and working class more of a voice in Thai politics and civil society instead of disenfranchisement.

l) There will be a commitment from all political parties and actors in reforming the Thai education system, especially in the areas of democratic development and participation.

m) The Thai criminal justice system will make a concerted effort in enforcing the law across the board instead of picking and choosing who to prosecute based on political considerations.

n) A concerted commitment by all political parties to reform the military and police forces.


davidb98 said...

who is the PAD?...
is it one or a small group or is it anyone that feels like matching the approach/tactics?

how to pin them down to promise anything?
a hallmark is their flexibility... sell their protest services to the highest bidder? promise anything to move to the next step...

Kris Koles said...

Are you sleep-deprived, you seem to be hallucinating..............

Thailand is a country with a history and cultural structure and traditions extending back almost 2000 years........

Procopius said...

ChrisIPS, I don't know where you get your 2000 years from. Although the Thais try to include Sukhotai in their history, the kingdom of Ayutthaya actually had quite different institutions, and despite the best efforts or Rama I to rebuild them the Rattanakosin dynasty developed its own, especially under Rama V.

For the article itself, where to begin? The PAD already has its political party -- it's called the Democrat Party. They are as good as dead in the North and Northeast, and it will be interesting to see how this turmoil affects their results in the South (where the PAD's strongest support came from).

There's no way the PAD, the courts, or the military are going to agree to be reasonable or to abide by any election results. The only thing that would persuade them to do so would be a clear direct order from the King. It looks now like that will never happen, although I hope he recovers from his current illness. The insurrection of the last few months has damaged the monarchy. Although I'm sure the Crown Prince will succeed his father with no problem, he won't have the prestige and the love of the people his father does.

For that matter, I think that the rural voters are not going to accept being disenfranchised by the royalist elite that was behind the PAD, and which controls the courts and the military. It may take years, but eventually they are going to make themselves heard.

And there's no way that Thaksin is going to stop trying to make a comeback.

Unknown said...

So easy to write, so easy to understand so impossible to happen!

Contrary to what Chris wrote I believe you are not sleep deprived you are Dreaming.

Wake up and get yourself ready to listen to everyone contradicting what he/she spoke loud last week.

Money obliges